Dust Mother is an easy-to-use save data viewer and editor for Project Wingman, allowing you to check on all of your progress and saved data as well as edit and tweak your game save.

With Dust Mother you can view all the data in your Project Wingman save files including statistics, campaign progress, plus unlocked missions and aircraft. Dust Mother can also show you all your Conquest information: both for your current run and your persistent unlocks.

Dust Mother also allows for editing some Campaign and Conquest data including your credits, prestige, and campaign progress. We’ll be adding support for editing more details in future as well!

  • Supports Campaign and Conquest save data
  • Quickly check your statistics that aren’t available in-game
  • Tweak parts of your Campaign or Conquest progress


Dust Mother is available for Windows 10 users in the Microsoft Store.

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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Dust Mother.

Why can’t I edit <x> value?

Due to the fragile nature of the game save files and just how many properties are in there, editing support needs to be included on a per-property basis. Out of the gate, we’ve included support for editing the most common properties you might want to change, but we will be adding more editable properties in time.

Can I use this on other systems?

The full Dust Mother app is currently Windows-only and available from the Microsoft Store. There is also an in-progress command-line version of Dust Mother but that is not ready for general use yet. Stay tuned!

Can this corrupt my save file?

Realistically? Yes. Pretty much any save editing carries some risk of breaking your save file in new and exciting ways. Dust Mother will not modify (or even write to) your save file if you are only viewing your statistics and save data. Once you modify a value and click Save, your main save file will be overwritten. We recommend always keeping up a backup of your save file and you can even use the “Backups” tab of Dust Mother to create new backups of your save files.

Why does Dust Mother require so many permissions?

This is out of my hands for now. The runtime that this app uses (WinUI 3 Desktop for those curious) only officially supports running in “full trust” mode which means it runs unrestricted just like any other app on your PC. In the Microsoft Store, that is indicated by the ominous “Access all your files, …” message. Microsoft have indicated that the framework will be updated to run with limited permissions in future, and I’ll update the app to use that model as soon as its ready.


This is a brief summary only of major changes in each version.

  • 0.1.0
    • Initial release


Dust Mother does not collect, store, transmit, or process any personal information. Dust Mother will only ever access files stored in your Project Wingman save folder and does not access any of your personal information outside of that folder.

The application is open-source and available on GitHub if you’d like to see what Dust Mother does and how.

Note that your usage of the Microsoft Store is subject to any applicable terms and conditions, and this is largely out of my hands.


This is just a community-backed open-source project, not an officially-supported modding tool. As such, support is best-effort.

To report a problem or request a new feature, create a new issue on the GitHub repository and provide as much detail as possible. You can usually find me on the Project Wingman Discord as well (👋 #mods-discussion).